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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be released in July and specifications are already making their way online. It is believed that the Note 6 will have a stylishly slim RGB display that measures 5.8-inches. It could also have a curved and a flat display with both having Quad HD resolution, according to reports from the GSM Helpdesk. A curved model is something that everyone is looking forward to, if it happens, as Samsung already has it all right in the design department with the Galaxy S7.

Samsung fans in the US now have a reason to rejoice, the brand new GalaxyJ3 (2016) is now available through Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. Now these are CDMA carriers and GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile cannot run on this smartphone. Amazon now has a solution: the unlocked version available online can be used on GSM networks. Customers also need to remember that May will see AT&T presenting Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) on its network.


Samsung turned out to be the leader last year, based on a report by the IHS, a market research firm. So what makes the South Korean technology giant bite off a big slice of the market share? It’s undoubtedly the super AMOLED displays currently used in tablets, smartphones and even in some laptops. The numbers say it all. Any screen that is 9 inches and below is listed under the small and medium display and Samsung’s market share was a cool 23%. Other players such as Japan Display, LG, Sharp and Innolux follow this. The demand for Samsung’s AMOLED panels shot up by 54% last year in comparison to the year before.

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